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Please contact me via this site for pricing questions for a specific photo and the size you’re interested in.  Photos are available as prints, in canvas or metal, or framed and matted.   I do not do my photography in regimented aspect ratios, so what sizes are available for a specific photo will vary.  The price for most framed and matted or canvas 24″x24″ photos (30″x36″ framed and matted size) is $325 (prints alone are $200), and for photos in the 20″x 32″ to 24″x 34″ range, the price is $350.  Photos of this size in the Gallery Collection are $800 to $900.  Photos in these sizes are in limited editions of 250 each.   For a framed and matted or canvas or metal photo that is in the 13″x13″ (18″x18″ framed and matted size) to 13″x 19″ range, the price for most of them are in the $150-$225 range (prints alone range from $50 to $90).

To view large, framed and matted photos of mine, there are 14 on display at the Hilton Eugene and Hilton Conference Center in downtown Eugene, Oregon.  For the month of July, I have a showing at the Oregon Wine Lab in Eugene, Oregon (488 Lincoln Street).

Please feel free to contact me via this website if you have any questions.  Thank you for your interest.